We have the power to ensure all children have enough nutritious food to be healthy.

Child hunger in our community is a serious issue. More than 40 percent of K-12 students in Minnesota rely on free or reduced-price meals during the school year.  Children who don't get enough to eat are less likely to do well in school, are likely to get sick more often, are less likely to graduate from high school and do not have the chance to reach their full potential. Summer break means the kids who rely on free or reduced-price meals are left without meals they count on at school. But there's good news!

Child hunger in South Washington County isn’t a resource problem—it’s an access problem.

There are more than enough food resources to ensure all of our young people have enough to eat to live happy, fulfilling lives.


"What I do see with kids who are struggling...is that some are tired (they close their eyes in the school’s safe space), some are on edge, some are distracted. You know how it is to struggle as an adult when life is hard and you’re hungry... Learning is really hard when your basic needs aren't being met.”


- Julie, High School Teacher