Child hunger in our community is a serious issue. 1 in 5 kids in our community is at risk of missing a meal today. On this page, read some brief quotes from some Minnesota families facing hunger—some right here in the South Washington County area.


People need to realize poverty looks different in Amer

ica. We don

t look a certain way.

You think of people in other countries, and they have 

distended bellies. We

re just trying 

to feed our kids.

- Abbey



“Going a long time without eating so you are hungry. Sometimes there is no food around to eat and I get hungry.”
- Penny*, sixth grade

*Name changed


I see students trying to take two oranges during lunch so 

they have something on the 

weekend. When students come to school Thursday and Friday, 

you can see a difference 

in their demeanor because you know they

re concerned about whether or not they

ll be

getting three square meals on the weekend - at least a

t school they know they

ll have 


- Cyndy



I was laid off at the end of 2014. I went from spend

ing $200 at the grocery store every 

10 days to needing help. The school pantry has helped ma

ke that up.